The United States has fallen into the intense winter storm

In the United States and Canada cities, intense winter storms are facing huge losses as copper is down to a dangerous level. Experts have warned that the open parts of the body may suffer from frostbite within five to five minutes.

Christmas holidays are set to begin in the United States from last Saturday (December 25). About 10 million Americans waiting for this holiday will have to be under intense cold warning, CNN said.

According to the United States National Meteorological Department (NWS), a huge winter storm coming from the Arctic region will fall to most of the United States at a dangerous level.

The BBC said that a large part of the United States has been issued, its expansion from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast and from the US-Mexico border to Florida to the south.

The news agency Reuters reported that the storm had to cancel more than 5 flights across the United States in two days on Thursday and Friday. But this year’s big -day holiday time is the busiest to be the busiest in all the time.

However, the weather forecast said that due to this cold wave, the region could see the most snowy Christmas (Christmas) in decades.
The Meteorological Department said the temperature in some parts of the country on Saturday and Sunday could drop from minus to minus 5 Celsius.

They have warned that frostbite may also be a major problem in cities like Day Main, the capital of Iowa.

If the blood flow is reduced, the frostbite occurs. Often the nose, cheeks, hands and toes are subjected to frostbite. In the absence of warm blood, the tissues can be frozen and in some cases they may be cut off.

Meteorologists say the winter storm could take the form of “Bomb Cyclone” on Friday. When the storm changes rapidly, it is called “Bomb Cyclone”, in the case of such cyclone, the pressure of the wind in its center can drop at least 20 millibars within 24 hours.

At a briefing at the White House on Thursday, President Joe Biden said it was not like a day of snowfall that made you baby, it is serious.

The BBC said the newly -on -the -new immigrant expectations are sleeping on the city streets in El El Passas in Texas, and the weather forecast says that the winter storm will blow over the city and the copper minus will drop to 1.5 Celsius.

Dylan Torres Reyes, who is expected to spend the night on the pavement in front of El Paso’s main bus terminal, said Dylan Torres Reyes, who is very cold here. Florida is predicted to see the cool Christmas in 5 years.

The NWS has called this storm a winter disaster in the generation. They said on Thursday that the cool air that threatened life in the eastern coastal region would begin to flow from Friday.

Due to snow and strong winds, damage and electricity supply to the US central and Canada are expected to be disrupted.

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