Saudi Arabia desert country mountains covered with white snow

As a country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is known to the world as a remote desert region. But this winter, white snow was seen in the desert country. The snow has accumulated in the mountains of Al-Lodz area of ​​Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia for the past two days.

Last Wednesday (December 28) Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported this information.

According to that report, the hills of Al-Laj area of ​​Tabuk region were covered with snow for the last two days. Visitors are flocking to the area due to snow accumulation in the mountains.

Snow Covers Many Areas / Collected Northern Meteorological Center National Center Branch Director Alenizi said that in the northern part of Saudi Arabia, the Al-Laj Mountains and its adjacent areas depend on two main causes of snowfall.

First, what is the temperature of the air that moves through the region? Depend on it to bring back this environment. Alkan and Al-Lodz mountains in the north-west may experience snow when adequate moisture is available. If the low pressure increases, the situation will spread to the southern region as well. Even the Hasmi mountains west of Tabuk may see snow. However, such a scene does not occur in Mount Harrah to the south.

Visitors/collectors are flocking to the area due to the accumulation of snow in the mountains
The official said that the second reason is that the formation of frozen areas in the polar regions also affects the atmospheric layer in these regions. However, Aleniji could not tell how deep this snowfall is.

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