Russia says 63 soldiers killed in Ukraine attack

Ukraine claimed that about 400 Russian soldiers were killed due to the missile attack. However, Moscow says 63 of its soldiers were killed in the Ukrainian attack.

Al Jazeera, a Qatar-based media outlet, reported this in a report on Monday (January 3) in a statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense. is However, such admissions by Moscow are rare.

However, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that Ukraine has launched a missile attack on the temporary accommodation of Russian soldiers in the city of Makivka in the Russian-controlled part of the Donetsk region. Soldiers were killed in this.

According to the statement of the ministry, 63 Russian soldiers were killed in four missile attacks with high explosive warheads on a temporary installation. All necessary assistance will be provided to the relatives and loved ones of the deceased army personnel.

However, although 63 people are officially mentioned, Russian military bloggers say that the number of soldiers killed in this incident could be up to several hundred.

Ukraine claims to have killed at least 400 Russian soldiers by launching a missile attack on the Donetsk region. Kiev also claimed that another 300 Russian soldiers were injured in the midnight attack on the first day of the English New Year.

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