FIFA President Pele’s Last Tribute Selfie Criticized Around The World

Pele’s body was kept in state for 24 hours yesterday at Villa Belmiro in Santos. Millions of people flocked to pay their last respects to the Brazilian legend.

However, stars from different fields rushed to honor Pele. The FIFA president also went for the same reason. But to pay his respects, he took a selfie standing in front of Pele’s coffin. After that, arrows of criticism rushed towards him.

Fans could not accept his behavior in an emotional ceremony like this last one. That moment of his selfie is now viral on social media. However, after taking a selfie, the FIFA chief consoled Pele’s wife.

Meanwhile, after paying his last respects, Pele’s body was carried on the ‘last journey’ on the streets of Santos this morning. The coffin was taken along the Canal-6 road, where Pele’s 100-year-old bedridden mother lives.

Pele will be buried in the presence of family members on the 9th floor of the Memorial Necropolis Ecumenica after the funeral procession. The burial place is basically a 14-storey building. But there are 14,000 vaults, and an artificial waterfall and a car museum. There will be no public access to this burial ceremony.

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