Due to economic crisis, Pakistanis are buying cooking gas in plastic bags

Extreme economic crisis is going on in Pakistan. The common people of the country have suffered the most. There is shortage of LPG in the country. Gas cylinders are not easily available. In such a situation, many people are buying LPG for cooking in plastic bags.

However, ordinary citizens of the country are carrying cooking gas in plastic bags like big balloons. From which a major accident can happen at any moment. It is known that such a video has gone viral on social media recently.

Two people are walking on the road. They have several large plastic bags in their hands. They are filled with Liquefied Natural Gas or LPG. It looks like they are walking with a big gas balloon. The video was shot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northeastern Pakistan.

It has been said in various international media that many people like those two people have to be carried in plastic bags full of LPG.

These bags are being filled from the gas suppliers. To prevent the gas from escaping from the bag, nozzles and valves are attached to its mouth. Later that gas is being used in the stove or for other purposes. Three to four kg of gas can be filled in a bag. It takes about an hour to fill up with gas.

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