Demonstration of the students in Kabul announced the resignation of professors in Kabul because women’s higher education stopped

The Taliban government has banned all women in the university in Afghanistan’s power. Women protested in the Afghan capital Kabul to protest the closure of all higher education. The Taliban arrested five women from the protest.

Last Thursday (December 22), British media reported in a BB report that three journalists were also arrested. It was reported that there was protests in the province of Takhar.

On Tuesday, the Higher Education Minister of the Taliban government issued a letter from the universities of the country not to allow women to enter campus. He said that the decision will be effective immediately and it will remain in force until further instructions.

As a result of this sanctions, the Taliban rule has limited the education opportunities for women in Afghanistan. Most of the secondary level schools in the country have already stopped teaching students.

Men have also supported the protests in protest of the closure of girls’ higher education. About 5 professors, including public and private universities, have resigned as protest. At the same time, several male students refused to take the exam as a protest.

In addition, the Taliban’s declaration has created anger in the international arena. In the meantime, several Muslim countries, including the United States, the United Nations, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, have condemned the incident.

According to the BBC, security personnel from various government and private universities in the country on Wednesday that the ban was imposed on the campus.

Several women who participated in the protest told the BBC that during the protest, the Taliban administration women officials had beaten them and some were arrested.

One of the reluctant to be named said he was severely beaten. In the end, he escaped somehow and avoided being arrested. Some of us were in the Taliban female members. They beat some of us, arrested some of us.

Another said two men were released after the arrest. However, a few others are still detained.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Education said that their scholars have evaluated the curriculum and environment of the university and women will be prohibited from going to the university until the proper environment is created.

Taliban Acting Higher Education Minister Nida Mohammad Nadeem told Afghan state broadcasting RTA that women at the university have influenced the decisions, including not wearing suitable Islamic clothing and raising among the students of different gender. Women students did not observe the hijab (Islamic clothing code), they were wearing clothes that most women wear at the wedding.

The Taliban occupied Afghanistan for the second time by overthrowing the Western -backed government through the coup in August 2021. At that time, they said that they would relax with the modernization of the era.

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