Biden has warned illegal immigrants to stay away from the border

However, Joe Biden may soon announce his candidacy for the second term as the president of the United States. And before that, Biden is trying to balance an issue on which he faces pressure from both anti-immigration Republicans and left-leaning Democrats who favor greater human rights.

Calling the US immigration system fragile, President Biden announced that he will visit the US-Mexico border city of El Paso in Texas next Sunday on the eve of the summit of North American leaders in Mexico City. The issue of border security will be the main issue in the upcoming summit.

But President Biden said under his new plan the controversial Title 42 law would be expanded to allow border guards to immediately turn away more migrants arriving by land.

In a statement from the White House, Biden warned not to simply gather at the border. The White House hopes the draconian measures will stem a record number of migrants and asylum seekers arriving at the border after often perilous journeys through human traffickers.

On the other hand, to appease left-wing critics, President Biden said that 30,000 qualified immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela would be allowed to enter the United States each month.

But Biden said they must apply in their home country, have a US sponsor and undergo a background check. It is safe and humane and it is effective.

But he added that Congress needs to enact legislation to fully fix the system and increase funding for border and immigration infrastructure.

Note that the Title 42 Act has been debated in the United States for a long time. This Act allows any refugee, refugee, asylum seeker, immigrant to be deported without notice. Migrants-refugees can even be stopped at the border.

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