Awaiting Big Bodied Maximum Taller Samed Recognition

However, the height of Kosen has been exceeded by Sulemana Abdul Samed, a resident of the northern part of Ghana. Recently, when he went to a local hospital for a checkup, he found out that his height is 9 feet 6 inches or 2.89 meters. According to the Guinness Book of Records, he is currently the tallest living person in the world, 40-year-old Sultan Kosen of Turkey. Whose height is 8 feet 2.8 inches.

As a result, he is the tallest human being in the world as per the current record. However, Guinness Book has not yet recognized him as the tallest man.

Sulemana Abdul Samed, nicknamed Auche. He suffers from a rare health problem called gigantism. He was diagnosed with this disease several years ago. For this he has to go to the hospital every month. But sadly, the nurses at the village clinic are not entirely sure about her height.

Because there is no suitable instrument to accurately measure samed. For this, he was attached an extra stick to the measuring machine and some people measured his height with a 16 feet long tape. And that’s how they found out that Samed’s height is now nine and a half feet.

When Auch was 22 years old, he lived in the capital, Accra. He worked in a butcher’s shop, and saved that salary to learn to drive. It was there that one morning he felt that his tongue had grown so large inside his mouth that he could not breathe properly. After a few days he noticed that other parts of his body were also getting bigger.

His relatives noticed him and started commenting on his increase in height. As a result, other problems started to arise. His spine became abnormally curved. Samed realized that he was turning into a monster.

Samed suffers from a condition called Marfan syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective cells and results in abnormally long arms and legs. It can also lead to serious problems like heart defects. Doctors say Sameed will need a brain surgery to stop this abnormal growth.

Auche has now left Accra and returned to his village. His dream of becoming a car driver is over. Now he is running a small business along with his brother.

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