Amy Martinez is currently the most hated footballer of the time to Adil Rami

Emiliano Martinez has emerged as an ambassador from heaven there. Sergio Romero’s Argentine goal has been lacking in a pair of trusted hands for a long time. Martinez has stood in Argentina’s goal in just 20 matches since 2021 in international football. The 4 -year -old goalkeeper has already won the Copa America, Finalisima and the most desired FIFA World Cup.

Argentina defeated Champion France in the Qatar World Cup final on Sunday (December 7) after defeating France in the tiebreaker for the third time. Martinez has played a major role in ending the Argentine 5 -year wait. Throughout the entire tournament, he has kept the cleanset in three matches one by one. Albislesta won the quarter -finals against the Netherlands and in the final against France.

Emiliano Martinez was the opponent of the tournament’s best goalkeeper award at Golden Glove. In a conservative state like Qatar, many such gestures have not seen well. Martinez did not stop giving birth to controversial events even after winning the World Cup. This time, however, the tragic hero Killian Mbappe made a hat -trick in the Qatar World Cup final on the occasion of the debate. In a video, the Argentine players were celebrating the title-song in the dressing room. He stopped the celebration and stopped and caught everyone’s attention. Then Killian knocked on Mbappe.

Martinez did not leave the debate over Mbappe even after returning to Argentina with the World Cup trophy. Back home, he had fun with Mbappe. After returning from Qatar to Argentina, a procession was taken out on Tuesday (December 25th) with the Messi-Martinage in the capital Buenos Aires.

However, the doll was reported to have been thrown at the Argentine team to welcome the team. Martinez is believed to have done so in response to Latin American football in an interview to Brazilian TV channel TNT Sports last May.

Argentina and Latin Americans may be able to give Martinez to these events. However, not everyone will see the same thing, that is normal. Needless to say, Argentina will become a goalkeeper, especially to the French. Former defender Adil Rami, who won the World Cup for France, is also the team. The French defender was washed away by the eight -year national team jersey after seeing the recent actions of Emiliano Martinez.

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