All the occupants miraculously escaped from the car

Four people miraculously survived a road accident in the state of California. Among them were two children aged four and six. The Tesla sedan carrying them plunged more than 250 feet off the highway into a rocky outcropping. But by chance they survived.

The injured were initially listed in critical condition last Monday (January 2). However, when rescuers arrived, they found all four people conscious and alert.

Brian Pottenger, head of the local rescue team, said it appears the car flipped several times during the fall. It crashed just a few feet from the beach.

He also said that we always go to the hills for car accidents. If an accident happens in that place, the injured never survive. It is an absolute miracle. Everyone lives their lives.

Witnesses called 911 around 10:30 a.m., the battalion chief said. Fire service personnel went to the spot and arranged ropes from the highway to descend the mountain. At that time, a group of workers were observing the accident car through binoculars. They then noticed movement at the scene.

We are all very surprised to see one outside the windshield of that car. The children were dragged out through the rear window. They feared more than pain.

But the adults in the car were seriously injured. They had to be helicoptered up the mountain. From there he was taken to the hospital. It was not immediately known whether the four rescued were members of the same family.

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