Actress Jacqueline wants to go to Bahrain to see a sick mother

Bollywood heroine Jacqueline Fernandez has joined the cases of Rs 20 crore in the fraudulent Sukesh Chandrasekhar. In that case, on November 7, a Delhi court granted him bail in exchange for two lakh rupees. However, the court conditioned the Bollywood heroine could not leave the country without the permission of the court.

The actress was recently seen again in the Patiala court in India. He asked for permission to go to Bahrain to see the sick mother.

Last Thursday, the court advised (December 22) that the case is at the sensitive level, if possible, Jacqueline should leave the plan abroad. In a report, the Indian media reported the Hindustan Times.

Jacqueline is one of the accused in the fraud case related to Sukesh Chandrasekhar. During the court hearing on that day, Jacqueline’s lawyer told the court that the actress’s mother suffered a brain stroke in December 2021, and then he was seriously ill. For the sake of humanity, Jacqueline’s appeal is mentioned.

The court counter asked how Jacqueline would get a visa to that country? In response, the actress’s lawyer said her parents live in that country. Jacqueline already has a Bahrain visa.

The court then objected to Jacqueline’s foreign journey, saying that the Sukesh case is in a very important step at the moment, that the presence of Jacqueline during the hearing is important.

I understand that the matter is very emotional, then the court said, but at the moment all these cases are at very important level.

The actress’s lawyers also said that the next hearing of the case was January 5. Jacqueline said he would return to India by January 5, whether in any way. Besides, Jacqueline is accused of this case. On January 5, Sukesh Chandrasekhar will be taken to Kathmandu, Jacqueline’s number will take time to arrive. The court did not mind.

On the other hand, the country’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) opposed Jacqueline’s appeal. ED says Jacqueline is a foreign citizen. Once leaving the country, it can be difficult to return him. Jacqueline’s parents were born in Sri Lankan. However, he was born and grew up in Bahrain.

But finally the court said to Jacqueline, “I am leaving you that you want to withdraw this application or do you want to hear the judgment of the judiciary?” Jacqueline then withdrew the application.

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